About Us

Our mission

With our digital network we enable loads to be delivered more efficiently, at a better price and with greater quality than ever before.

We are more flexible

We are more streamlined

We are more reliable

So you can be more agile and responsive, fast and efficient

We are good for business

Spending time trying to find the best shipper-carrier match doesn’t make good business sense for anyone – whether you’re a busy shipper ringing around trying to find the right carrier at the right price and chasing up deliveries, or a frustrated carrier looking for orders and running half-empty trucks that could be full. When the world demands goods faster than ever before, you need a better way to move freight.

The good news is that there’s a smarter, simpler way to ship, whatever the size of your business. Our digital freight business is designed to put you in control, so you can save time, reduce your costs and increase on-time deliveries. Now that’s a load off your mind and great for your business.

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We are more flexible

We are more streamlined

We are more reliable

So you can be more agile and responsive, fast and efficient

How does DigiHaul work?

By bringing together smart technology and expert knowledge, we make end-to-end logistics seamless and stress-free. We give you all the functionality you need at your fingertips – simply manage everything through our user-friendly portal with support from our team if you need it.


Easy booking 24/7

Upfront pricing at competitive prices

No need to ring multiple carriers

Real-time visibility of shipment journey

Proof of delivery available automatically

Automated invoicing

All managed on the portal


Shipper books load online

Load is available to UK’s largest carrier base

Carrier accepts load online

Shipment is fully tracked end-to-end

Shipment delivered

Secure payment


24/7 visibility of loads

Large volume, greater opportunities

Upfront competitive pricing

Backhaul matching

Faster booking

Increased capacity and efficiency, maximising earnings

User-friendly despatcher and driver app

Driver confirms digital proof of delivery using app


30-day payment terms

Financing support

Need help with something?
Our customer support team can help.

Our culture

Our people know logistics and we love what we do. Why? Because we’re proud of the business we run and we’re excited about what we can do for our customers. We’re driven and determined to deliver a fast, flexible and reliable solution that makes road freight work better – for everyone.

Our technology

Freight moves fast and you need to respond quickly. We’re constantly evolving our freight-matching technology so you can stay one step ahead of the competition. Our digital solution lets you act quickly, track updates online and manage everything in one place. We also provide valuable insights into your transport data, helping you streamline your operations now and for the future of your business.