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  • How do I know where my loads are once they’ve been collected from my facility?

    Simple – just log into our web portal and you can track the location of all your loads in real time. You’ll receive a digital proof of delivery notification as soon as delivery has been made.

  • How do you ensure quality of the hauliers within the DigiHaul network?

    We ensure all of our hauliers provide the required legal compliance documents and check they are registered with the Road Haulage Association (RHA), so you can trust that your goods are in safe hands.

  • I already use a transport management system, can I still use DigiHaul?

    Yes, you can continue using your Transport Management System. We have various options for integrating your TMS with the DigiHaul portal and can work with you to select the right solution.

  • Will the price change once I’ve booked my loads?

    No – the price you see upfront is the price you pay. There will only be additional charges should a load need to be cancelled, returned or a driver is required to wait longer than the pre-agreed waiting times at the collection or delivery location.

  • What is the difference between a digital freight business and a digital freight forwarder?

    A digital freight business like DigiHaul is responsible for the end-to-end transport and delivery of your shipments, from the moment you book the load through to delivery and payment. We have a network of trusted and fully vetted hauliers who accept the transport offer and allocate the job to one of their trained drivers. You’ll have full visibility of the status of your shipment from the moment it’s booked. A digital freight forwarder enables vendors to tender shipments and hauliers to bid for and book orders on an online platform, but doesn’t manage the freight process end-to-end.

  • Do I need to schedule a minimum number of shipments to be able to use DigiHaul?

    Once your account is set up you can ship as much or as little as you need to with no ongoing commitment. We offer three convenient methods to book a shipment: API integration for large volumes, CSV upload for medium volumes and web booking.

  • I have specialist requirements – can DigiHaul accommodate these?

    It is likely we can help, so please get in touch. We give you access to the largest UK-wide haulier base offering suitable transportation. This ranges from standard ambient to temperature-controlled and ADR vehicles. Our extensive range of hauliers can accommodate most shipping requirements.

  • How will I know my orders are booked?

    You will be notified via the DigiHaul web portal when your loads have been accepted and allocated to a driver.

  • What load information do I need to provide?

    Our user-friendly template prompts you to input details such as pick-up and delivery locations, weight and any specialist transport requirements.

  • Is my shipment insured?

    Yes – subject to the limitations and exclusions set out in our General Conditions, DigiHaul is liable for products lost or damaged except where such loss or damage arises as a result of the action or default of the vendor, its customers and suppliers or events outside of DigiHaul’s reasonable control.

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