At DigiHaul, we have a real understanding of the challenges that carriers are facing across the board – from driver shortages to increasing costs and growing pressure to be more sustainable. That’s why we’ve designed the DigiHaul Ecosystem; a suite of products to offer support for small and mid-sized carriers on a number of these pain points.

The DigiHaul Ecosystem comprises four elements: 

  1. Surplus fleet at favourable rates

As part of the DigiHaul Ecosystem, carriers can access newer, more environmentally friendly vehicles at a reasonable price. This service reduces the need to compete at auction for surplus fleet, especially at a time when manufacturing backlogs have pushed up second-hand prices.

  1. Fast-tracked payment terms

By offering the option to have invoices paid within 24 hours, we can save carriers between 3.5% and 4% versus traditional 30-day financing. Fast-tracked terms will reduce the need for bridging finance and help keep hauliers solvent.

  1. Fixed prices with fuel hedging

We offer the fuel hedging product to give carriers the ability to fix their fuel prices, providing more certainty during periods of high volatility. With prices for petrol and diesel at a record high in the UK, the hedging product is specifically designed to help minimise the level of shock felt by small- and mid-sized carriers.

  1. Digital back-office support

Our carriers can be provided with back-office support systems that reduce their reliance on outdated paper-based POD systems. Making processes digital minimises paper waste and enhances efficiency, too.

Our CEO, Martin Willmor, says:

“We truly believe that the products we’re now offering will give those operators the resources they need to get through this turbulent period and grow their business in the future.”

Want to learn more about the DigiHaul Ecosystem and how we can support your business? Get in touch.

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