Come rain or shine, the Easter holidays will see a huge spike in demand across several sectors. Set against a backdrop of the ever-present driver shortage and rising fuel costs, the Easter peak could leave shippers struggling to find capacity and exposed to volatile pricing. If this sounds familiar, we can help you weather the storm and keep your supply chain moving.

  1. Save on fuel costs.

With the price of fuel at an all-time high, empty running is more costly than ever. By mapping routes and overlaying data not just from your journeys but from all of our shippers, we can find efficiencies, cut your empty miles and save you money.


  1. Don’t miss out on capacity.

The high demand for hauliers over the Easter peak combined with the ongoing driver shortage could mean that your usual carriers aren’t able to fulfil your orders. Give yourself peace of mind by getting access to over 750 trusted carrier partners, all in one place.


  1. Don’t risk overpaying for traction shifts.

Even if you do manage to secure capacity at the last minute, you risk paying way over the odds. Before you buy, check the live offers on our portal to see if there’s a better deal in your location – our 360-degree market expertise means that our prices are always competitive.


  1. Make sure your orders are delivered on time.

Poor visibility can result in shipments getting stuck at the distribution centre and not reaching the shelves in time for the Easter holidays. With our realtime status updates and the support of our Service Delivery experts, you’ll know the whereabouts of all your shipments, all the time.


  1. Stay focused on your business.

Don’t waste your time ringing around to find trucks, chasing paperwork or dealing with delays – our digital freight business takes care of the whole process and integrates seamlessly with existing transport management systems, so you can manage by exception and focus on your business.


  1. Get ahead before the next peak

The more movements we manage for your business, the more we can get to know what you need and the more we can harness data insights to save money across your entire supply chain, not just individual shifts. We can help you plan ahead, optimise your routes and take the pain out of peak.


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

We can support your sustainability goals through our Green Carrier Certification programme, enabling you to clearly see the green credentials of our carrier base.

Ready to go digital? Discover how we can make shipping simpler and smarter for you and your business. Speak to our team of experts

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